SEO Domains – Auction & Expired

SEO domains are the bread and butter of your online activity. Useful for both building a PBN and in some cases giving you a quick start with your money site, selecting the best quality domains can be a daunting task.

Essentially there are five ways to obtain domains that already have SEO value:

  1. Scrape for expired domains yourself
  2. Bid in domain auctions
  3. Buy from established domain scrapers
  4. Bid for drop catch domains
  5. Attempt to purchase a live website

Scraping domains (unless in some foreign niches) can be futile as you are competing against full time scrapers who have far greater resources than you and will snap up domains very quickly once they’ve expired. The other 4 methods require finding good quality tools and services to achieve successfully.

Thankfully I’ve done the hard work for you, listed below are some of the best SEO domain suppliers in the world:

PBN HQExpired domainsLowA good selection of domains across many niches. Suitable for targeting low to medium competition keywords.
Godaddy AuctionsAuctionsLow - HighProbably the biggest domain auction website in the world. A huge selection of domains, however as it is so well known the better domains tend to go at a very high premium. It is possible to find more affordable domains if you invest time. aggregates auctions, domain sales and expired domains across a huge number of platforms and geo's. The drawback is the lack of domain analysis metrics that the system provides, probably due to it's vast size and data costs. However if you are willing to export the data and perform your own analysis then you will usually find good domains. This, in in my opinion the best starting point to see what's out there as it's
Domain Hunter GathereerAggregationFree & Paid VersionsA piece of software that you install on your computer to provide domain analysis for auctions, expired domains and web 2.0's. Has a very useful free version for analysing auctions and paid add-on's for web 2.0's and domain